Top 5 Paranormal Investigations

A common question I get asked during interviews is what’s the most haunted location I’ve investigated. This is a tough question since one cannot make the paranormal happen on demand, so I can only speak to my own personal experiences and not what has happened at a location for all time. There may be a particular place at which I witnessed very little paranormal activity while it was off the chain for others, and vice-versa.

The following list are the Top 5 paranormal investigations that I’ve conducted by experiences. These are single investigations, not what I may have experienced cumulatively at a location and not necessarily in the order of my favorite locations. This was tough to narrow down since I’ve had a lot of experiences at a number of locations that I talk about all the time, but the accompanying video is already 20 minutes long at just five. I encourage you to give the video a watch since it also includes footage from the experiences I describe.

5. Mineral Springs Mall (Hotel), Alton, Illinois

This is actually a recent investigation the Shana and I (Society of the Haunted) just conducted with Lee Ehrlich and Chris Sutton. Lee specializes in underwater investigations and showed us a very interesting method in being able to converse with spirits using water. Using this method we captured a plethora of EVPs that are plain as day, answering various personal questions such as “Where are you from?” and “How old are you?”, giving us a better insight about the spirits that are there. It may very well be the single best investigation for capturing EVPs I’ve ever had (tough to gauge at this point, however, considering how many investigations I’ve conducted).

4. Residence in Jacksonville, Illinois

This nearly 100 year old house in Illinois is teeming with paranormal activity. Originating in the third floor front bedroom, a strong presence kept following us and affecting us all evening throughout the investigation. Of significant note was the way Diesel the dog was affected all night long. For the longest time he wouldn’t come out of the second floor side room, and when he finally did he was spooked by something we all heard but nobody saw.

3. Residence in Edmond, Oklahoma

This was the “cleansing night” for the episode “Monster in the Closet” we filmed for the television show The Haunted on Animal Planet. There were so many things that happened as the cleansing was being performed by Carl Johnson, including the back door flying open multiple times, the girl getting punched in the gut by something unseen, the “Die” EVP, the wind kicking up out of nowhere, and more. The show failed to show it all due to the limited air time. Little known fact… the original episode title was “Wrath of the Wraith.”

2. Goldenrod Showboat

Teaming up with Shana, I’ve investigated the Goldenrod Showboat quite a number of times now and have had plenty of paranormal experiences aboard, including the “Annie” incident as chronicled in Encounters With The Paranormal: Volume 2. However, the greatest paranormal experience I’ve had there to date was at the end of the investigation following the “Ghosts of the Goldenrod” event organized by Haunted Road Media. There was some mild activity throughout the evening, including sightings of the shadow upstairs and a couple “twinkles”. But after all had gone except for Shana, her friend Tara, and I, what started off as a bar of light on the ground near Shana turned into a translucent yellow ball that started dancing around the showroom. At first we deemed it a fairy, but it’s difficult to know what it really was. For nearly five minutes we watched it dance around us before it flew off toward the lobby and disappeared.

1. The Stone Lion Inn

The night of one particular investigation at the Stone Lion Inn started with an EMF sweep that almost caused me to pass out. When the full investigation got started the activity immediately ramped up. While investigating the lower level Parlor Suite, a bureau drawer in the entrance hall slammed shut all on its own, and I captured a fantastic white wisp near it with my camera. A few minutes later while walking up the stairs a framed pictured of Lizzy Borden crashed to stairs of its own accord. Add in some of the “usual” hauntings of the house, including disembodied footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, and shadows darting about throughout the night, and it made for what was definitely my most active paranormal investigation to date.

Apologies to the Ferry Plantation, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Samuel Mudd House, among many others. Even if I had put together a Top 10 I would still be apologizing to a number of locations. You can find videos to all of these investigations and more at


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