Top 11 Haunted Toys

My latest Top 11 video covers is a viewer-requested video covering haunted toys, many of which happen to be dolls. Other haunted toy-related and haunted objects relating to children are also included. Again, this isn’t nearly complete since there are so many other reportedly haunted dolls, but this is a good selection of some of the more famed ones. Detailed descriptions follow the video below:

11. The Pulau Ubin Barbie (Singapore)

A shrine in Pulau Ubin, Singapore, is dedicated to a little German girl who fell off a nearby cliff and died when running from the British Army investigating her parents back in 1914. In 2007, a man had the same dream three nights in a row about the little girl leading him to a toy store to buy a Barbie doll. After the third night, he went to the store, bought the Barbie he had seen in his dream and placed it at the shrine.

10. Okiku Doll (Japan)

This mysterious hair-growing doll in Japan is said to be possessed by the spirit of a little girl who used to play with it. Residing in a Mannenji temple in Iwamizawa since 1983, the doll’s most unique quality is that its human hair continues to grow. The sad tale behind it is that the two year old who used to play with it on a daily basis died of an illness and the family placed it in the household altar. Some time later the doll’s short cropped hair began to grow and is now 25 centimeters in length.

9. Little Gracie and Bonaventure Cemetery (Savannah, GA)

LittleGracieIn 1889, little Gracie Watson died of pneumonia at the age of six, and to commemorate her, Gracie’s father had a life-size picture-perfect statue of his daughter sculpted and placed at her gravesite. Her spirit has been seen roaming the grounds of Bonaventure as well as the former site of the Pulaski House Hotel where her mother frequently held parties for Savannah’s financially elite. Visitors to the statue often leave toys for Gracie to play with, and it’s said the statue will cry if the toys are removed.

8. Mandy doll at the Quesnel Museum (British Columbia, Canada)

The porcelain doll known as Mandy was made in England or German sometime between 1910 and 1920 and was donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. The donor claimed to hear crying in the middle of the night which did not go away until after she gave away Mandy. At the museum, employees say that since the doll has been there odd things like pencils, books, and even lunches go missing or are seemingly misplaced. They also claim that Mandy cannot be encased with other dolls because she will harm them.

7. Haunted Toy R’ Us (Sunnyvale, CA)

How about a haunting of all the toys down aisle 15C? And the women’s restroom? It is said that the Toys R’ Us in Sunnyvale, California, is haunted by Johnny Johnson, a wood chopper at John Murphy’s farm, the land upon which the store now stands. Johnny had fallen in love with Murphy’s daughter, but one day his axe missed the wood, gashed open his leg, and he bled to death. His spirit now roams the store seeking his love, brushing the hair of women, turning the faucets on and off in the women’s restroom, and tossing boxes of toys off of shelves.

6. Letta Doll (Australia)

lettadollThis doll was discovered by an Australian in 1972 underneath the porch of an abandoned house that had scared him for years. Letta was made with real human hair and is believed to have been created by a Romanian gypsy about 200 years before its discovery. The doll is said to move on its own, occasionally screams, “Letta me out!” (how the doll was named), makes hanging pictures fall from walls sometimes when it enters a room, and dogs bark wildly when near it.

5. Crying Boy Painting

The Curse of the Crying Boy began in 1985 when a fire gutted a home in Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England, but a framed print of the crying boy survived unscathed. What led to the sensationalism was that the homeowner’s brother, a firefighter, claimed that he had also seen many other cases in which a print of the crying boy survived a fire without damage. Scores of subsequent Crying Boy painting fires ensued over the years. Legends of the paintings origins developed, included one that stated that the artist had taken in the child and painted him after the child’s parents died in a fire. One day his studio burned down in a blaze. While many believe many believe much of the tale is an urban legend, the number of fires the painting have been involved with and survived is uncanny, and those that have worked to debunk the tale refuse to accept a copy of the print.

4. Haunted Harold Doll

Harold is considered to be the first haunted doll that was ever sold on eBay and one of its early haunted owners recounts her experiences in the anthology Encounters With The Paranormal. After acquiring the doll her experiences included the sudden strange deaths of two people that had come near the doll and sudden unexplained illnesses. The current owner who has had Harold since 2004 believes there are many entities inside of the doll and has also attributes untimely deaths of ones close to him to Harold, has heard of people becoming very ill after taking photographs of Harold, and has had Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures carry Harold onto the creepy island of dolls in Mexico during a paranormal investigation on television.

3. Ouija boards

Marketed as a game, Ouija boards first appeared in Pittsburgh toy stores as a “talking board” in 1891. The recognizable board and planchette have been controversial for decades, some believing they are a tool for communication with spirits from beyond while others view the Ouija board as a portal for inviting in evil entities. Many people claim that the haunting within their home began with the use of a Ouija board.

2. Robert The Doll (Florida)

This doll was given to four year old Robert Eugene Otto in 1904 who, upon receiving the doll, stated he would then be called Gene and the doll be called Robert. Gene and Robert became inseparable, and it was said that when they were alone together two voices could be heard talking and giggling. Whenever something turned up missing or broken, Gene would blame Robert. When Gene moved away and got married, neighbors claimed they routinely saw Robert in the window scowling at them. When Gene moved when his mother grew ill, Gene’s wife despised the strange attachment her husband had with the doll. One time, a plumber ran screaming from the house when the doll scowled at him them giggled. Over time after Gene passed away, the doll was donated to the Fort East Martello Museum. It is now said that one must ask permission of Robert to take his picture otherwise the photo will appear blank or distorted.

1. Annabelle (Connecticut)

realannabelleAnnabelle is the #1 most haunted toy, really due to its recent surge in popularity over the past few years, starting with The Conjuring and then being given its own feature film. First of all, the doll is really a large Raggedy Ann doll, quite less intimidating-looking that the creepy porcelain doll that was created for the movies.

The doll was originally purchased in 1970 from a hobby store as a birthday present from a mother to her 28 year old daughter, Donna, a nursing student in college. It wasn’t long before the doll started changing positions, like legs being crossed when they hadn’t been, and messages on parchment such as, “Help me,” started showing up around the house. After ruling out the possibility of an intruder, Donna and her roommate, Angie, contacted a medium and a seance was held in which a spirit came forth claiming to be a seven year old “Annabelle Higgins” who just wanted to stay with them and be loved. Donna felt compassion and gave Annabelle permission to live within the doll and stay with them. One night, a friend named Lou was spending the night and was awoken to Annabelle gliding up his leg, up to his chest, and then began strangling him. Another night he and Angie heard sounds of an intruder in one of the rooms, but discovered only Annabelle mysteriously tossed in a corner. When Lou approached the doll he felt someone behind him then a searing pain on his chest. he was suddenly bleeding, and when he opened his shirt there were claw marks on his chest.

At this, Donna contacted the Episcopal church who contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren. After a paranormal investigation and a blessing of the home, Donna requested the Warrens’ take the doll with them, and it is now on display in their museum.


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  1. Hey Mike! Great post :-) What is the cross above Annabelle’s head? Also, did the weird dolls you received ever do anything odd? Thanks!

    • Thanks! The cross above Annabelle’s head is a protective measure due to the negative attachment it has. So far the dolls I received have been quiet but these sorts of things don’t work on demand. We shall see!

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