Welcome Friends of the Fedora!

You're here either because you've been invited or you just happened to stumble upon the secret page of the website. Whatever the happenstance may be, you are now a part of the greatest case in private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo's legacy. Embark on the journey...


I'd already had a rough day on the job -- clues, suspects, paperwork -- you know the deal. I propped up my feet on the large oak desk that sat in the middle of my office, lit up a cigar, and was just starting to unwind. That's when the email showed up.


You know me, although you do not. If you walked past me on the street you would recognize me but wouldn't give me a second glance. So, for now, I will address you this way.

We have much business you discuss, you and I. You have chronicled some of your cases and shared them with the world, but you haven't given your loyal readers the full story. This is where I come in, Mr. DeBarlo.

You see, I've been following you, tracking you, stalking you if I must be so vivid. You have something I want, and I'm going to make you give it to me of your own free will. In fact, you will beg me to take it from you before we're through.

My eyes are on you and you cannot hide. I won't even threaten you to not go to the police. Feel free to take this to your bloated buddy, Len Stevens, down at the precint. He won't know what to do with it, and if he ever had a notion he would leave you with it and turn his back on you.

It's just you and me and what I'm about to do to your world.

I am the unforgiven one.

Scared yet? 


Interesting. This guy obviously isn't playing with a full deck of cards, which may serve me well should we ever meet for a game of poker.