Saw A Ghost? You’re Not Crazy!

Almost everyone has a ghost story.

Encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural by the living have been occurring since the beginning of recorded history but have often been relegated to local folklore, legend, and superstition. Those with their own personal story were often seen as being crazy or, at least, a little bit off their rocker. Thus, many people kept their experiences a secret, whether that experience had just been a chance encounter or something absolutely terrified them. After all, one who started talking about seeing or hearing things often found him or herself institutionalized. How many of the spirits that haunt old insane asylums were originally placed there in life after reporting their own paranormal experience at home?

One of the most satisfying experiences for me as a writer and as a paranormal investigator sharing my adventures with the world through Haunted Road Media is when someone contacts me through social media and thanks me for helping them. Many times I’m initially confused, but then he or she explains that by sharing my experiences I have helped to ensure that this person is not, in fact, crazy.

Fortunately, with the modern explosion of paranormal television all over cable and the internet the stigma against those that have experienced something otherworldly has begun to wane, and those people that previously feared telling their tales have now found a more accepting atmosphere in which to come forth. For many, telling their stories has been a relief, years or decades worth of weight lifted from their shoulders. No longer are they shunned and the burden of their experiences can be released from the shackles of (obscurity). Most of society is now willing to listen and explore these tales with a sincere curiosity and an open mind to a world that is usually hidden from us.

It’s quite telling that those that are coming forth with stories of paranormal encounters come from all walks of life. Having an interaction with a spirit is not something reserved for the ghost hunter you see on television or those that travel across the country to a myriad of haunted locations and write ghost tales, but anyone can experience the supernatural. It doesn’t matter who you are. Many of the stories in Encounters With The Paranormal are just that – tales from everywhere by anyone.

I have also found it quite interesting over the past few years the number of people that have told me, “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I did have this one experience…” and he or she suddenly launches into reciting what amounts to a full-fledged ghost story filled with intimate details of shadows, unexplained moving objects, and full-bodied apparitions. So you don’t even have to believe in ghosts to start telling tales of one! Amazing.

I find each person’s experience quite intriguing. Some seem to coincide with local history or legend while others stand on their own as a completely unique encounter. Some are familial in nature, even heart-warming, while others are a step into someone’s scarred past and can be rather heartbreaking.

If there’s one thing to take away from the work that we do at Haunted Road Media, it’s that if you have had a paranormal experience or have witnessed something you can’t explain, you are not alone. There are many others out there who have experienced the same phenomena as you. Reach out and find those people, and take comfort in the fact that you are not crazy!

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