Welcome to the Mike Ricksecker Audio Journey, hosted by author, ghostorian, publisher, paranormal investigator, livestream host, and public speaker Mike Ricksecker. On this podcast you’ll discover the full audio version of the Inside The Upside Down livestream show, features from investigations, and original thoughts and perspectives recorded specifically for this audio journey.

Ghosts And Technology on Inside The Upside Down (12/19/2018)

Inside ghosts, technology, and the way they interact with each other. Are some machines haunted? And how do we use technology the detect, interact with, and capture paranormal activity. What really works… and what really doesn’t.

Inside Haunted Legends on Inside The Upside Down (12/12/2017)

Inside haunted legends, their origins, and the truth behind the takes in our next episode of Inside The Upside Down! We’ll have a primary focus on the Gore Orphanage/Swift mansion legends since we just released our Ghosts and Legends episode on the location.

Haunted Animals on Inside The Upside Down (12/5/2017)

How animals react to paranormal activity. Are they haunted? We’ll go inside reactions of cats and dogs during real paranormal investigations, discuss supernatural theories, and more on INSIDE THE UPSIDE DOWN!

Endangered Haunted History on Inside The Upside Down (11/28/2017)

Saving endangered haunted history! Many of our great historic treasures are being lost or destroyed. Learn about these locations and what can be done to help save them from the fire or wrecking ball.

Inside The Final Goldenrod Showboat Investigation Video

While on the road, Mike Ricksecker goes inside the FINAL Goldenrod Showboat Paranormal Investigation video posted on the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel. The Goldenrod was lost to an arson fire in October 2017. We were the last to investigate. As we continue to pine for endangered haunted historic locations, our battle cry has become, “Remember the Goldenrod!”

The Mandella Effect on Inside The Upside Down (11/21/2017)

The Mandela Effect is what happens when someone has a clear, personal memory of something that never happened in this reality, while similarly, other people who they’ve never met seem to remember several of the exact same events with the exact same details. We’ll talk about some examples, Mike will recount his own experience, and then we’ll discuss different supernatural and inter-dimensional reasons as to why this may happen.

Shadow People and Shadow Entities on Inside The Upside Down (11/14/2017)

Take a deep look inside shadow people and the various kind of shadow entities that roam our plane of existence. Includes a special call in segment with Shawn Gilmore from EctoVision Paranormal.

Haunted Cemeteries on Inside The Upside Down (11/7/2017)

Inside The Upside Down with Mike Ricksecker is our new The Edge of the Rabbit Hole after hours show taking place directly after the journey down the Rabbit Hole ends. From the Rabbit Hole to the Upside Down, we’ll dive headlong into deep paranormal and supernatural topics. For our first topic… Haunted Cemeteries! Yes… cemeteries can really be haunted! How and why? Plus, real paranormal encounters at cemeteries!