Appearance on The Haunted

April 1, 2011 @ 10:00 PM Eastern/9:00 PM Central

The Haunted on Animal Planet

“Monster in the Closet”

After having unusual experiences in their home, a family calls upon a paranormal team and demonologist to help. When they try to banish the entity from the home, it violently possesses one of the family members, and literally enters her body.

I’ll have more to comment about this episode has aired since I can’t really divulge any details at this point. What I can say is that it was quite an interesting experience filming with Pictureshack for Animal Planet and working with demonologist Carl Johnson. Be sure to tune in!


Paranormal Origins

One of the most common questions I receive is, “How did you get interested in the paranormal?” I’m going to get a bit more in depth with that question in a article in April, but I’ll touch on that a bit here since it’s on my mind.

Quite honestly, I’ve always had an interest. Perhaps that’s too broad, but I’ve always been interested in spirituality, the afterlife, and the world around us that we can’t see. There were some incidents in my youth involving shadow people, an apparition, and dreams — all of which I’ll eventually write about. Those things coupled with a reading of the Bible and The Amityville Horror really piqued my curiosity.

However, life lead me down a different path in my early adulthood, one that included a family and a promising career in the IT industry. On the side I wrote, as I had my entire life, and I finally published a mystery novel in 2004. I’ve always loved mysteries and trying to solve the puzzle, and this was a traditional private detective novel with my own bit of flair. I wrote a few short stories as well, including a paranormal one that is currently a freebie on my website (“The Legend Beneath the Coal Bin“), and somewhere along the way between promoting Deadly Heirs and writing paranormal short stories fate found me.

Schiffer Publishing was expanding their line of paranormal books and they asked me if I’d be interested in covering the state of Maryland, where I lived at the time. Essentially, my future just fell into my lap. That’s the part of the question I have the hardest time answering, because I’m not sure how others perceive that truth. It’s the way my life has seemed to work all of these years, in unconventional paths that defied my original plans. When I was a kid in school I completely geared myself for college, yet I ended up going into the military straight out of high school. I didn’t want to get married until I was 25 and decided having children in my late twenties was the prudent thing to do. Instead, I got married a month after I turned 19 and had three children by the time I turned 24. What is it they say about the best laid plans? In any case, I wanted to be mystery fiction writer and here was an opportunity to write books about real ghost stories.

Making the decision to write Ghosts of Maryland was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I got to delve into a field in which I’ve always had an interest, I’ve been able to visit countless historic locations (and I love history), and best of all I’ve met a number of tremendous people along the way. When I was up at the Belvoir Winery in Libery, Missouri, a couple weeks ago for ParaCon 2001, one of the things Lee Ehrlich of Paranormal Divers and I kept talking about was how we really enjoyed going to the paranormal conferences to meet all kinds of fantastic people.

It’s been a real pleasure getting to know everyone, but it’s been a real privilege to work with those that are members of Society of the Haunted. I’ve been working with them investigating the paranormal for a year now, and I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and experience they all possess. With a number of upcoming cases and video projects, we hope everyone following us will enjoy and learn something from the experience.

Hello world!

So… I’m keeping the default “Hello World!” title to this initial blog post becauseĀ  of my programming background, and anytime as a programmer you’re writing in a new language your first program is always a basic output that says, “Hello world!” It’s just one of those traditions.

I’ve been meaning to get a blog started on this site for quite a long time, but I always got myself sidetracked into other things. Heck, there are so many other things I need to do with the site as well (ahem, I’m looking at you Mystery Movies and Games of the Month), but this is a nice start. The format and installed them will likely change, but I think this looks works for the time being.

My general idea for this blog is to almost use it like a work journal, or just a place to toss some random thoughts and ideas. I already have other means in which to keep people in the loop on news and upcoming events that I shoudl be able to keep that to a minimum here. Aw, heck… who am I kidding? That stuff will still get a mention here, but it won’t be the focus.

I’ve also been wanting to record a video blog (vlog… how far have we come? Web log becomes blog and now vlog stand for video blog. What’s next?), but we’ll see how this goes first. I also tend to ramble a bit in that off-the-cuff setting with a lot of um’s and long pauses as I collect my thoughts. No um’s here. Just words. But, um, if I ever do that I’ll probably just YouTube the thing and link it here.

I would say, “Enjoy!” but I’m not sure the direction this thing is really going to take or if anyone is really going to be interested in my jumbled thoughts and paranormal rants. Do I rant? Do I even own a soapbox upon which to stand? I’ll need to find one.