Ramona Theater Investigation

Orb with movement just after we opened the trap door to the under stage area.

I know everyone is waiting on my recap of last weekend’s tour and the Tans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum investigation, but I had been typing up the Ramona recap before I left. It’s just been a very busy month. Within the next few days I’ll get to TALA and the Inspired Ghost Tracking meet and greet. Also, I’ve put in for a casting call with a Telepictures paranormal show that is using some popularity voting elements. Please vote for me daily at: Reality Wanted (click here). For now, here’s the Ramona Theatre:

Thanks to our new Video Specialist, Ken Melton, we got the opportunity to be the first paranormal team to investigate the Ramona Theater in Frederick, Oklahoma. Yeah, it’s a bit of a throwback for me since I lived in Frederick, Maryland…

We had a full crew with us that evening with Cathy, Ken, Chris, Johnny, Jordan, special guest Mick, me, and Logan who arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Set up of the DVR system commenced just after the walking tour, placing it at the front of the balcony with cameras running both down to the stage and up to the projector both, eight in all. Once set up and a photo sweep performed, the investigation commenced.

We split into two teams with one starting in the projector room and the other starting under the stage, through the creepy trapdoor under the stairs that was almost like something out of Scooby-Doo. Right away we caught something interesting in my camera. Just after the trapdoor was lifted he caught an orb with substantial movement coming up from the stairwell. We usually discount most orbs as dust, but the significant movement of the anomaly in this photograph leads us to believe it may be something else.

Once below, a sweep was conducted for high electromagnetic fields, but were found save for the furnace and hot water tank. While conducting an EVP session to see if something would interact with us there were a couple small spikes on our K-II EMF detectors. A short while later, when the names of the former manager and his wife were mentioned, Johnny’s K-II spiked rather high.

Up in the projector booth, the team was busy chasing down a cold spot. Using a temperature gun supplied by Ken, at any given moment the area being measure would suddenly drop 10 degrees, and this unusual pocket seemed to move about the room. It’s believed that these cold spots are spirits drawing heat energy from the air as they try to manifest.

When we first start an investigation and are setting up, we send a number of photographs to our psychic, Vanessa, who “remote views” in to the location based on the image. In one particular photograph of the second level, she picked up on the fact that it was indeed the second floor, and she also stated we’d pick up activity in the room to the far left. When a small group of us entered that room later in the evening we did feel a heaviness about the room, but more telling was the crystal clear EVP (electronic voice phenomema) we picked up, “Can you help me?”

Given the acoustics of the building, there were many times we had to halt EVP sessions due to noise contamination from the other team all the way on the other side of the building. The latter part of the investigation consisted of three different groups heading into the building individually while the others waited outside. Johnny was the EVP king, having captured a number of interesting phrases including, “Hey,” “What else,” “All over the ground,” and, “Show the way.”

While it generally seemed to be a rather quiet night while we were there, save for the few incidents listed above, the evidence review has been rather enlightening between the EVPs captured, the moving orb photo, and correlating Vanessa’s findings with our personal experiences and the EVP captured in the room she said we’d get it. More on this investigation is to come…

Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma is Here!

Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma is finally here!

It’s finally here1 Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma. It’s been two years in the making, signing the contract just after moving here in 2009. At first, the task seemed daunting. I was in a completely new state and knew very little about it, and it was a lot bigger than the state I had just left: Maryland. For Ghosts of Maryland I had created an atlas for each county of the state so a reader could use the book to map out his or her own personal ghost tour. There are 77 counties in Oklahoma, so I couldn’t possibly do the same. However, the atlas had met with such rave reviews that I still wanted to include it. So I discovered that size matters when it comes to ghost books.

Like any writer in the subject, I had to research, but I had to hit this harder. The way I looked at it was this was going to be a fantastic way to learn my new state. I dove into books and websites and any other media I could find that covered Oklahoma’s history, especially relating to the paranormal. My first target became Guthrie, and my wife and daughter accompanied me to our own driving tour of the town and discovering what was there. Some of that comprises the first section of Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma, including my wife’s peculiar incident on the grounds of the old Masonic Childrens Home, now Dominion House. Given that experience, the Black Jail, the Santa Fe Depot, Blue Belle Saloon, Stone Lion Inn, and the Logan County Memorial Hospital it became quite clear to me that I needed to give Guthrie its very own section of the book.

Shortly thereafter, I caught on with a paranormal team, most of whom are now Society of the Haunted, and became more intimately acquainted with the hauntings of the state. My first day on the job inspired me. First, Ken Melton and I headed west to the library in Elk City to see what we could dig up about the town of Retrop. We wanted whatever background we could find, but we were also looking for confirmation that a church from there had been moved to a neighboring town. We toured the remnants of the town as well, interviewed an elderly local, and took a number of photographs of the decaying buildings. We then headed east to an investigation in Seminole, after which we stopped by a cemetery in Earlsboro. Ghost towns. Cemeteries. These were two sections, I decided, that I would need to include.

Ahd so the pieces started to fall into place: a section on Guthrie, a section on Oklahoma City, Id’ break the state into four corners and make each of them sections. Ghost towns, cemeteries, a chapter on what it’s like to ghost hunt in Oklahoma, and the atlas would round it out. In all there are seven sections and 33 chapters in Ghost and Legends of Oklahoma. Ther are 13 chapters in Ghosts of Maryland. Make what you will of those numbers, but each book has 160 pages.

I’m really not kidding when I say it’s been a labor of love. I really love to write, but it’s a lot of hard work as well. Toward the end I was spending most every night trying to get the manuscript polished. We had a number of investigations at the times as well, including all of our filming for Animal Planet’s The Haunted. I hope the readers will appreciate the amount of work put into this and enjoy the stories within.

I’ve been calling this book a paranormal cross-section of Okahoma with Native Americans, Civil War battles, cowboys, outlaws, wild west shows, etc. There’s a lot of history packed into Oklahoma in a short period of  time, and some of those spirits still remain. Like with Ghosts of Maryland, I hope Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma does its job of maintaining the balance of story and it’s important history without which there wouldn’t be much of a story.

More information about the book and its related video featurettes can be found at http://www.mikericksecker.com/writing/6-books/144-ghosts-and-legends-of-oklahoma.html

Remembering September 11, 2001

It was a different world in 2001, and it was a day that lives in infamy that changed all that. Ten years ago some said that the day was our generation’s Pearl Harbor. It was that and, perhaps, more so, from a certain point of view. It seems everyone right now either wants to know where you were when that day unfolded, or they don’t want you to talk about where you were and talk only about those that tragically lost their lives. Why can’t I talk about both?

At the time I worked for Library Systems and Services, LLC as their network administrator, and I was sitting in my office working on a few things for the Department of Energy library’s website while idly sitting my web browser in the Red Sox chatroom on boston.com. My handle was Rock and the chatroom featured an icon of a set of cans that you clicked on to refresh the page — old school web. It was through that chatroom, of all places, that I first heard about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. A few moments later, one of my co-workers down the hall became upset because her son was an airline pilot and she wasn’t able to get a hold of him at that time. The major news websites were suddenly down, unable to handle the traffic coming in from those wanting to know what was going on and weren’t near a television. My source of news became the Red Sox chatroom and those members near a television that could relay news to us, rich and manhattanbosoxfan if I recall correctly. MBF, understandably, soon left. As the second plane hit and then the Pentagon, other rumors started surfacing such as a possible car bomb outside the State Department. Who knew what was next?

I called my wife, Robin, to ask about her family in New York. I didn’t have much idea of where they worked, and she had no idea if they worked at the lower tip of Manhattan or not. My employer released us if we had family concerns, so I left. As I walked out, fighters jets flew south over the office complex in Germantown, Maryland. My father called my cell phone a few seconds later and asked if I was in an ok area far enough from Washington, DC. I told him I hoped so, that DC was miles away, and hopefully the Department of Energy just across the street wasn’t a considered target. Upon reflection, one can see the arm of terrorism had reached a man in a small Ohio town, spreading uncertainty and fear hundreds of miles away from the attacks.

By the time I got home, Robin had discovered that most of her family was safe and our children would be returning home from school so we could secure them. For the remainder of the day we watched the television in horror, constantly prayed — had a special service down at the church — and I wrote. “First footage of crash near Pittsburgh. That was the flight that they think was headed towards Camp David. That was the one that frightened me the most. Somewhere in the mountains just north of my house is Camp David. My family was closer to a target today than I was… Someone’s been brought out alive from the building. Everything inside is still hot, almost unbelievable. Teams of firefighters go in, work for a few minutes, then come out to be relieved by another team. Just walking there’s four inches of dust… I feel helpless. All I can do is watch and pray. I can’t help in any way at this point. I’m not there helping to dig out rubble. I’m not there trying to help track down the people who did this. I’m not there trying to figure out what happened to the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. I’m not there… Trucks and fire crews are coming in from other states without any specific orders. They won’t know what to do until they get there…”

There are quite a few pages. Those are just a few snippets. In the days, weeks, months, and years that followed our lives changed. We lived a couple miles from Fort Detrick, a potential target with its communications center that completely rebuilt its entrances and amped up security. Beforehand, I had been able to simply drive through most times on the way to baseball games the kids would play on post. Detrick also caught notoriety for the great anthrax scare. Had the anthrax been acquired from their facilities there? Homeland Security and terror threat levels were formed. My father started buying and collecting guns. Security has been increased so much at airports that the new terror has become whether or not you’ll be fondled on the way to your flight. And forget trying to bring along a bottle of shampoo. I just don’t even bother with it and drive most everywhere.

Then there’s our troops overseas. Ten years later they’re still over there fighting an elusive enemy. The disorganization and essentially suicidal mentality of the rabble that ambushes our men and women can actually make it more difficult to fight them. It’s chaotic. After Pearl Harbor (a military, not civilian, target), we slugged it out with the Japanese in the Pacific. While there was certainly strategy, it was still rather straight-forward war. That hasn’t really been an option in places like Afghanistan and Iraq where our troops get picked off little by little until the numbers begin to mount up and our war weariness becomes too much. It’s the most effective strategy they’ve had against our military might, and it’s cost us in thousands of American lives as well as the mounting dollars that are bankrupting our country.

But this isn’t a political rant. Ten years ago a nation cried out in agony then united together. It’s been a bumpy ride since then and we still have some bumpy roads to travel. Today we honor those that lost their lives in this horrific tragedy. We are the United States of America… and united we stand.

Deleted Scenes of “Monster in the Closet”

Click to watch the Deleted Scenes video.

The Society of the Haunted recently posted on their YouTube account the deleted scene clips from The Haunted episode “Monster in the Closet.” We appreciate the homeowners of the Edmond house offering the DVD they were given from Pictureshack Entertainment so we could view those videos and see what didn’t make the cut on the show.  We were surprised by what we saw.

The channel is called Animal Planet, and from our understanding their show The Haunted is supposed to be based on animals perceiving the paranormal in and around haunted homes. So why in the world was one of the biggest cat stories cut from the episode? The other one with the cats running circles around us in the backyard as we conducted the blessing was retained, and rightfully so. However, Jasmine reacting to a dark shadow that was also seen by one of us at the exact same time seems to be an incident that is perfect for the premise of the show.

I suppose the dilemma is if that segment is inserted into the show then something else has to go. Well, you can chop off the tale section of my history piece in which I talk about the former police officer telling us about a young man who had accidentally hung himself in the closet. We were not able to confirm the story, so I felt awkward in the interview reciting it. I made sure they knew that there was no corroborating newspaper articles, obituaries, etc. to back up his tale, but they chose to include it anyway. They could have also hacked the bed bumping footage from the show since it wasn’t supposed to be submitted in the first place. The bed bumping incident truly did happen and it was a good personal experience to support one of the stories told by the homeowners, but it came off very poorly on video and our former group leader was not supposed to submit the piece to the production company. She did anyway and the crap footage made the show. Of course, defying the recommendations of everyone else on the team is one of the reasons why there is the word “former” preceding the term group leader. (Now investigating as Society of the Haunted, we run everything by bylaws and group vote.)

While I’m still on this particular scene, I thought it might be interesting to point out a few interesting tidbits about show production. When I said that I saw a “massive black shadow” in the room that Jasmine reacted to, this is absolutely true. However, the editor then spliced in what seems like me repeating myself with the term “huge black mass.” This wasn’t a description of that event. The huge black mass was actually during the team’s second investigation of the home in July 2010 at about 3:00 AM in the living room. The  massive black shadow was in Talasyn’s room that October during our fifth investigation of the home when we knew we had been picked up by Animal Planet and were there to record additional investigation footage. It was also only after being picked up by AP that previously mentioned former leader decided to return to investigate the home with us for the first time since the initial investigation (yet she became the story teller on the show). There’s also her mention of the black shadow looking like a man. Now, I’m not going to discredit that she saw a shadow figure that looked like a man there. Perhaps she did during the first investigation there or that fifth time around when Jasmine reacted to whatever was in the room, but there is no conceivable way that she saw that shadow man during that particular incident. She was the one holding the camera and at no point does the camera pan to the room when Jasmine and I notice the shadow. So this could be another piece of creative editing.

On to the EVP, “Come to us.” I understand why this was cut from the show, but it is one of many EVPs that we captured from that house. The reason why it was cut was because they decided to focus on the wraith for the essence of storytelling. If you toss the word “us” into the mix then it’s not just the wraith we’re chasing out of the house at the end. There were a lot of things going on at that home, not just the creature with the red eyes. However, for television there’s only about 40-45 minutes to tell your story for an hour show. We were all a bit miffed that they didn’t include more audio evidence in the show since we had captured so much, but eliminating this particular one does make sense.

The additional family stories are really interesting. Again, I understand that they have to edit and eliminate some things from the show due to time, so these cuts do make some sense. But these add depth and additional scope to everything that was going on at the house. There was really a lot more as well that they didn’t even produced into a scene that was eventually cut. The family members were in the interview room for hours telling the crew everything that had happened over a 20 year period of time. Pictureshack and Animal Planet really could have created a two-part episode for this one. Of course, I’ve heard that as well from other groups that have appeared on The Haunted as well. For instance, quite a few times I’ve talked with Jenny Stewart from PRRS in Maryland whose team was featured in “The Ghost Box Prophesies” and they had captured even more convincing and shocking evidence from their ghost box than what was featured on the show. It’s really too bad that we couldn’t have seen more of that.

So… I hope you enjoy the additional footage from “Monster in the Closet” which was filmed during our OKPRI days. In the background we’ve been compiling evidence and tales from this compelling case to share with those interested in the work we do. Check the team website often for updates.

The Destruction of Historic Fort Chaffee

Historic Fort Chaffee hospital complex engulfed in flames. (Courtesy Channel 5, Ft. Smith)

Just two weeks ago I finished the latest Paranormal Roads video covering Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, an investigation we had just back in June. So it came as quite a shock last Thursday night when the news hit that the historic hospital complex at Fort Chaffee was up in flames. When the first reports first trickled in it was three or four building that were on fire. However, as the night went on and the firefighters had problems getting to the fire through the maze-like complex and all the foliage that had grown up, it became clear that all the buildings were going to be lost. It was a travesty.

Since we had an investigation again in Arkansas this past weekend at an old sanatorium (can’t say where or which one due to privacy issues), we decided to stop in at Fort Chaffee to survey the wreckage. The destruction was hard to take in. Not only did we choke on the aroma of smoldering embers, but the utter desolation was breath-taking. All that remained were the cinder block crossroads of some of the hallways and the block pylons upon which the buildings sat. Everything else was ash.

The desolation of Fort Chaffee.

The entire area was blocked off with yellow crime scene tape, but there was a decent enough view of the scorched landscape from the parking lot of the untouched country club. As the last paranormal team to have investigated the historic hospital complex, we began filming a piece for use in a small memorial video we’re going to put together when the unthinkable happened. Chaffee began to burn again.

A black plume of smoke began to rise from the tree line and it quickly morphed into raging red flames. Our newest team member, Ken, was trying to coerce the fire department to let us get up close for a few minutes to take a few photos, but once that wall of flame lit back up any chance of us getting on was nixed. There was nothing else for us to do and we had to move on to our actual investigation for the evening. By nightfall the rekindled fire was back under control.

Fort Chaffee fire rekindled two days after it began.

I almost don’t know what to say at this point about our investigation that evening. Chaffee is lodged in the fingertips, and I want to get to work on that video as soon as possible, but I must move on for now. The sanatorium has its own significance that shouldn’t be ignored. Whispers, footsteps, cries out in the dark halls, and the little girl. It was also a great trial run for the new DVR system. I will give the investigation its proper due later this week within its own blog entry.


Digging into paranormal theory

Back to blogging… It’s been a busy couple weeks, and I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked to. In the meantime, however, I’ve posted the latest Paranormal Roads video which covers our investigation at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. I’ve also been pushing my article writing in a bit more of a “paranormal theory” direction.

The first of these article, “Do ghosts prefer the heat?” was published at the beginning of last week and briefly explores whether or not the excessive heat we’ve been experiencing lately may cause an increase in paranormal activity. Since ghosts utilize energy, including that of heat, it would be interesting the explore that suggestion.

The second article, “Searching for paranormal origins at Belle Isle,” is more of a profile piece, but it encourages thorough research of a location’s history. For instance, the old Belle Isle power plant had  been well known for people falling to their deaths in the abandoned building, but there were many more deaths on the property during the course of the site’s recorded history. Any of those deaths, not just the more recent ones, could be influencing the paranormal activity in the stores currently occupying the grounds.

I’m working on a third that will cover haunted automobiles and junkyards.  People become very attached to their cars and consider them a part of the family. Many cars become horrific death scenes, but still others are filled with positive memories of family vacations from long ago. These energies can attach themselves to vehicles and create an interesting visit down at the local car lot. In any case, that’s all for the article. Don’t want to get ahead of myself here.

It seems that all these new paranormal groups that are popping out of the woodwork everywhere are doing a fantastic job of collecting paranormal evidence and mimicking the shows that are on TV. To a degree, that is fantastic. The more evidence the better. But quality is important, too. My favorite groups are the ones that look a little deeper and try to determine why the hauntings exist, what spirit is really there, and try to dig for answers about the afterlife. Some of the most fantastic conversations I’ve had are with members from those types of groups. I think the articles I’ve been publishing lately reflect my desire to solve mysteries and dig for answers about the paranormal.

Society of the Haunted will be headed back out this weekend to Arkansas for an investigation at another historic location. More on that to come!



Saying Goodbye to Harry

We saw the final Harry Potter film as a family on Sunday, so I’ve had a few days to contemplate the last dozen years of that world being a part of my family’s lives. We were introduced to the Boy Who Lived before the movies started being produced by reading the books to the kids before they went to bed. Along with the books we purchased many of the games, puzzles, and collectibles based on the original series artwork. It’s these things that have really connected us to the series, not the movies. Yet the conclusion of the movie series has sparked these memories of when the children were young.

If I close my eyes I can, for the briefest of moments, magically transport myself back to sitting on the couch in the living room in Maryland with little ones by my side as we explored Harry’s adventures. It seemed that on every page there was some little surprise cropping up in Hogwarts. I can see us sitting at the dining room table with warm beams of sunlight filtering through the windows as we put a Harry Potter puzzle together or play one of the games.  I can even smell the materials… the pages of the books… the game boards… the puzzle pieces. The laughter we shared at certain parts still echoes in my mind.

The movies became a nice supplement for the time we shared, but they never quite equaled that time beforehand. When new books were released during the run of films, reading them became a little… different. I think we all started supplementing movie imagery with what we had pictured in our minds. In an interesting twist, the final book was released on my birthday in 2007.

After we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on Sunday I told the kids this: I hope that when they have their own children that there will be a series out at the time that they can share with them they way we were able to share Harry. The Harry Potter books aren’t the greatest piece of literature, the plot holes are many, and the randomly dropped bit of storyline were perplexing at times. But it was an entertaining and magical ride in which every single one of us wished we could have been a student at Hogwarts.

Haunted Chevy Astro Van?

The Chevy Astro van during the Paranormal Rides segment of Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma's first episode.

It’s been a nightmare week for our vehicles. Between the Chevy Astro Van (as seen in the Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma and Paranormal Road Trip videos) not wanting to start and Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme hiccuping down the road and finally just crapping out, we’ve had days in which four people in this house need to drive somewhere with zero functioning vehicles.  I twice had to tell Wimgo (blatant plug for Wimgo.com here) that I couldn’t come in this week. As I write this, the car is still in the shop.

So the story on the van… it has gone through periodic moments in its tenure with us in which it suddenly wouldn’t start. Usually, the problem was related to the fuel pump, but we just had this replaced last year. When I had the car in the shop at the beginning of the week to take care of a problem it was having while running, the van decided not to start again. It took a day, but once the car was ready, I switched it out with the car. Now Jim up at J&T Auto in Yukon is a great guy and does fantastic work, and he was happy that he finally found the root of our problem, but somewhere along the way the fuel gauge became disabled although it was something he never touched. He ended up backtracking his work, finally discovering the problem hours later, but it was as he said — not something he touched.

So I headed down there this afternoon with a car that was now stalling out to pick up the Chevy Astro Van. The moment I opened the door Jim just shook his head. He informed me that all had been ready to go, but when he was putting something back together in the interior of the van, his knee pressed the power window button and lowered the window… however, it didn’t want to go back up. He asked me to wait a few moments while he figured out what was wrong with it. Moments later he walked back into the lobby and uttered four words that made my ears perk up: “Your van is haunted.”

The window suddenly decided to go back up for him, which was good because we’d again have a vehicle that could work properly, but I couldn’t help but get a kick out of his words. Since we’ll sometimes take the van with us out on investigations, is it possible that something attached itself to it. The last place we were at with the van was Dick Duck cemetery. It sat in the middle of the cemetery while we spent about an hour investigating. That’s plenty of time for something to get in there.

Of course, it’s more probable that all of these things are true mechanical problems. After all, the Chevy Astro Van is a ’95 and the Olds is a ’94. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they can last long enough to become historic vehicles. The Olds just had its engine replaced earlier this spring at just over 218,000 miles, so we’ll see. If anything, I at least got some inspiration for my next article…

Preliminary Investigation Log

Last night as part of Society of the Haunted we had a preliminary investigation of a local residence. Preliminary investigations are usually conducted by a small contingent of the group to interview the family and determine what type of activity may be going on there. We’ll do some debunking, gather some evidence, as well as figure out what we can do to help the family for the time being until we can get a full team out there. Logan and I were the two on-site last night with Vanessa on call.

While we conducted this investigation last night, I kept a short journal of the experience and will share it here…

7:14 PM: Gearing up for the investigation and stopping for a quick beverage on my way to tonight’s residential investigation. My choice of poison tonight: Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. Although I love coffee I don’t usually drink Starbucks (too chalky), however, it’s been 100 degrees all week long and something cool like a Frappuccino will refresh nicely.

It’s nice to get out and investigate some residences again. We had one two weeks ago as well, but a number of investigations lately have been historic in nature. In both cases we’re able to help, albeit in different ways. With a residential we’re hoping to help a family that may be scared and completely uncomfortable in their own house which should be a safe haven. At a historic location, sure there may be some staff that is scared, but many times we’re out there to confirm or deny rumors about the location and we can help with historic information should the investigation take us down that road. Sometimes a historic location may be propagating an incorrect fact when some research at a library proves otherwise. Sometimes we’re even able to unearth new facts. Tonight, however, it’s all about a family and seeing how we may be able to help. Time to head out…

8:27 PM: Concluded the interview with the family. Apparitions and shadow figures have been seen here and they’re reporting object movement as well. Occasionally voices have been heard, but that really doesn’t seem to be as prevalent. On to setting up…

9:07 PM: Finished the photo sweep while sending pictures to our psychic, Vanessa, for remote viewing. A number of things she picked up on coincided with the stories the homeowners told us. Two cats are in the house and we’re keeping an eye on them to see if they react to anything we may not see ourselves. Logan’s EMF array is set up in the hallway where a significant amount of the activity has been reported, although there is almost no EMF baseline, and we’re starting an EVP session.

9:33 PM: We’ve had some interesting personal experiences in the hallway… unexplained static on our arms, shadow play, unexplained thumps. We debunked some lights that Logan spotted over my shoulder.

10:18 PM: Being patient, but all has been quiet for a while. We’re keeping open minds while also seeking logical answers for the homeowners’ experiences. We have been unable to debunk a door that opens on its own. It is weighted to shut on its own, which makes the stories of it opening unusual. Thus far, it has remained stationary.

10:46 PM: Wrapping up a little early tonight. The homeowners had to pick up their young son early and bring him home. It happens. All-in-all, it was a good investigation. We’ll have to go over the evidence, listen to audio, etc. to determine our next course of action.

Highlighting Independence Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day weekend. It was a rare weekend that I pretty much just kicked back and relaxed with family. I did manage to make some very good progress in my Deadly Heirs updates for Kindle (available soon), but I mostly just hung out with the kids, ate barbecue, and drank Sam Adams. I not a big beer drinker, but I do enjoy a number of the varieties of Samuel Adams. And, of course, I enjoy my wines.

In case you missed it, last week I ran a special series in honor of Independence Day by highlighting three of Oklahoma’s old historic forts: Fort Washita, Fort Gibson, and Fort Reno. Each of these date to at least the mid-1800s and have a number of haunting associated with them. Click on each one to follow to the articles… (I need to seriously look for another template since you can’t really tell what’s a link with this one… and thing like italics don’t work). I could have also included Fort Sill, but Fort Sill is still active and I was highlighting forts that are no longer active and are really historic relics. The three articles also serve as a glimpse to the upcoming Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma with a few snippets pulled from the book itself. Of course, the book has more detail.

I haven’t yet mentioned in the blog that the release date for Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma has finally been set: September 28, 2011. I’m really excited about this release. When Ghosts of Maryland came out I was already living in Oklahoma, so I wasn’t able to experience the fervor of the release. I got a small taste of that during last summer’s book tour, but now I will be able to experience that here in Oklahoma. As book signing dates and the like come out I will keep everyone posted. Of course, there’s also the Circle of Light Paranormal Expo coming up in Baltimore in October which I’m also looking forward to. Great timing on the release making it in time for that!

The next few months are going to be pretty busy with new videos coming out and preparing for this autumn. A trading card set is in the works for Oklahoma much the like Maryland cards, and other merchandise will also be made available. Much more paranormal and mystery to come!