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Welcome to October! What is it about this month that has always made it seemingly magical? Of course, Halloween caps it off at the end, Shana and I had our handfasting last October 29th, and both of my parents were born this month (my father was actually born on Halloween), but it really has more to do with the energy in the air, the aroma, the weather, and the changing colors. It’s a hauntingly mysterious time that I try to make last the entire year, but it is only October that has that true aura.

What about the magic of Christmas, some of you may ask? Yes, I do enjoy the Christmas season, but take note that my favorite Christmas movie is the 1970 version of Scrooge because I love the hauntings.

To honor the season, I am going to attempt to add some sort of haunt to this blog nearly everyday. I’ve desired to do something like this for a long time, but it’s always been a challenge since there are 5,721 other things that I’m doing. My travel schedule has been heavy, we’ve been consistently putting out three videos per week on the Haunted Road Media channel for months now, we just published Vanessa Hogle’s new book Walking With Ghosts last week (if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy, you absolutely must), and the next volume of Encounters With The Paranormal will be out very shortly.

I’m going to start this series with a video I posted back in July, but it was a significant early influence for who I am today. Sitting in Miss Steele’s first grade class during story time, the tale of the Golden Arm invigorated my senses and perfectly set me up for the following school year in which I began my first real creative writings. Mark Twain, who significantly endorsed this tale as fantastic storytelling, could not have made a better recommendation.

Here is my telling of the classic ghost story, “The Golden Arm”:


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