New Venture With Haunted Road Media: Does It Matter?

It’s a new venture for me, and it’s a new venture for Haunted Road Media. From the placeholder they have on their site until they officially launch, “Haunted Road Media is a multimedia publishing and production company that specializes in the paranormal, mysterious events, and historic curiosities.” They are reaching out and forming partnerships, and I am really looking forward to being a part of this. For me, it means new revamped releases of all my videos, this first being “Paranormal Roads: Belvoir Winery”.

While Haunted Road Media ramps up to becoming fully operational, they will continue to release edited and remastered versions of “Paranormal Roads” and, eventually, what I consider to be my flagship show, “Ghosts and Legends”. I’m not really sure yet what we may do with my video blogs since I had a considerable number of them with content that people had an interest in like shadow people, cemeteries, and my behind the scenes look at paranormal shows.

Haunted Road Media also produces its own original content like “Haunted Roads of the Paranormal” and is working with others to bring their original content to life. New original content will be forthcoming from me as well as a Haunted Road Media production.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve been prompted with the notion that all of these videos I’ve produced over the years and the books I’ve written don’t really matter. They’re not important. I ask, “Not important to whom?”

Do I believe writing about or making videos about ghosts and mysteries is going to save lives? Not directly, no. Certainly, the writing I’ve done for Lynette’s Law has been far more important on an entirely different topic. However, I’ve also made it a goal to include some talking points and food for thought in my other writing, and I think the families I’ve helped along the way through investigations I’ve been on would argue that my involvement in their lives certainly had some degree of importance.

My ghost books have been more than just a collection of stories about things that go bump in the night. There is a great deal of rich history behind those stories, and I dive far into the history within those books that Louisiana State University included Ghosts of Maryland as part of their Civil War Review. We’re also talking about history that is more than just dates and names. There are deeply personal stories within, accounts that have been lost to time of people who lived and breathed on this earth and experienced great tragedy.

My mystery novels, although much more entertaining in nature, pose some questions of modern morality and social responsibility. The Ghostorian Case Files, a hybrid of mixing real history with fiction has already addressed sex trafficking of young girls on the western frontier in Mysteries of the Church of Darkness. And my upcoming Campfire Tales: Midwest includes a short story called “Feeling the Afterlife” which cascades through a series of human emotions, even after death.

While my writing at this stage may not be earth-shattering to the point where it’s saving this nation from self-destruction, there is still a relevant voice to be heard. This voice can also be heard — and seen — in the videos I’ve produced.

There is definitely a method to my madness, folks. Some are around for the entertainment value and some are around for the nuggets of information within. Some are around for both. Whatever the reason is that you’re still sitting there reading this right now, I appreciate that. I’m going to be here for a while, too.



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