New Encounters Coming Soon!

Allow me to be candid this Monday morning… I’ve busted my ass, and I’m exhausted. Those who are involved in the publishing industry know what all goes into producing a book, especially when you have a hard deadline. So, in order for the next Encounters With The Paranormal book to make it on time for the release event later this month, finishing the book became my weekend. There were videos to produce as well, but the book took precedence — we need to have it available at its own release event, after all.

I must thank all the contributors, of course, and Shana has been there every step of the way to help champion the cause, contributing her stories as well and helping with editing, along with her unwavering moral support. Donna Gorton helped with some editing, too, and I can’t thank Dave Nunnally of It’s Raining Zen enough for his considerable contribution, not only in the sizable accounts of the hauntings at Mineral Springs he sent my way, but also in the historic photos he provided. This work does not exist without all of those who have been involved. Those who contributed this year include Shana Wankel, Vanessa Hogle, Rob Gutro, Michelle Hamilton, Coyote Chris Sutton, Dave Nunnally, Brooke Haramija, Sabrina Meyers, Donna Gorton, Greg Feketik, Stephanie Bingham, Dawn Bradley-Francisco, Katie Hopkins, Darrell Russ, and Penny Scott. And, of course, the talented Adam D. Tillery has returned to offer more fantastic illustrations.

It’s a collective effort, to be sure, but, damn… I was wallowing in a puddle of drool by night’s end last night. There’s still more work to do, of course, including the e-book format and all the promotion that follows a book release. The promotion is a whole other job, entirely.

Not to worry, though. We may have missed a video for Sunday night on Haunted Road Media’s YouTube channel (for those keeping track, we’ve been going every Tuesday and Friday night, plus at least one other, usually Sunday), but I’ll get one out there tonight. Yes, that means, somehow, after I”m done with the day job today I will record, edit, upload, and put together all the additional material (thumbnails, etc.) for a video all by night’s end. Oh, and I have to finish up a few things for tomorrow’s Edge of the Rabbit Hole episode, too. And there’s that darned e-book I was just talking about a moment ago. Also, at some point, I’ll want to go live and talk about these things since everyone loves live. There aren’t enough hours in the day… (well, there are, but that darned day job keeps getting in the way).

Speaking of live… did you know that I’m now on Periscope? Since this service also streams to Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been using of late to replace what we had been doing as just straight Facebook Live videos. Follow me there at:

If this seems like a disjointed blog post, that’s because it is. We’ll continue on with more of the October Haunted Blog tomorrow… and expect the Encounters With The Paranormal: Volume 3 release, featuring Mineral Springs Hotel, to be on Wednesday.

Add that to the list!

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