Live Paranormal Investigation Recap!

This past weekend, Shana and I of Society of the Haunted conducted a live paranormal investigation of Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton, Illinois. The building is quite large, and with only a limited amount of time our investigation was limited to three areas: the top floor near Pearl’s room, the fountain on the Grand Ball Room level, and the swimming pool. The swimming pool encompassed only the last few minutes of our investigation and we were unable to capture it live due to interference from the building’s structure. Twice we went live on the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel, and we also recorded a session on Periscope.

For those that have been following along for a while, yes, this is the same Mineral Springs Hotel which was featured in the latest Encounters With The Paranormal book. The building was on the verge of meeting the wrecking ball last year, so in keeping with the spirit of how we honored the Goldenrod Showboat with Volume 2, we decided that part of the proceeds of Volume 3 would be donated to Mineral Springs.

This investigation had a lot going in upstairs. Previously, in our Raw Footage video of Mineral Springs, someone directly called out Shana’s name. Again, that room seemed to be a hot spot for us, but so was Pearl’s room in the corner. Multiple times we heard voices and unexplained loud bangs, Shana saw a woman’s face, and then near the end Shana’s arm also got grabbed. She continued to feel the grab the entire rest of the weekend. When we came back downstairs, Donna from It’s Raining Zen could feel the energy emanating off of us, which we were still feeling at the bottom of the stairs.

The fountain investigation didn’t nearly work as well this time around as it had when we made the Voices of Mineral Springs video. While we did hear a number of voices, they weren’t quite as clear as they had been that particular night six months ago. Still, there was certainly someone down there with us.

Thanks to all of those that were able to join us during the livestreams. It’s always great to have you there as another set of eyes and ears throughout the investigation. And many thanks to Dave and Donna Nunnally of It’s Raining Zen for affording us the opportunity to investigate! Continue to #ExploreWithUs!

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