Inside The Upside Down

Ok, so the new show on the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel is a blatant play on Stranger Things. I can’t help it. I’m hooked on the nostalgia and the fact that “Mike” in the show is just like me, right down to the moppy black hair and being the Dungeon Master while playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. That these kids are essentially the same age I was at exactly that time in the 1980s makes watching the show like watching an alternate reality of my childhood. That they’re dealing with a supernatural world is icing on the cake, but it also is another play on the rabbit hole… or even through the looking glass.

The Upside Down in Stranger Things is, essentially, in alternate universe, a nether world that is a mirror of the current world… in which lie many unknown secrets (and where something dark lurks). It’s a world that exists but cannot normally be seen.

So, in “Inside The Upside Down” we’ll be exploring deep supernatural topics and the unknown secrets of the world, almost like an extension of “Edge of the Rabbit Hole.” Our Mad Hatters have repeatedly asked for a second hour of content, and when we had a Double Feature night in the wake of the Goldenrod Showboat tragedy everyone stuck around for the second show. You’ll now be a getting a second show every night.

First up for “Inside The Upside Down”… Haunted Cemeteries!¬†Yes… cemeteries can really be haunted! How and why? Plus, real paranormal encounters at cemeteries! And, yes, Shana will be “shananigating” the chat as our “Chat Shananigator” with this one, too!

Tune in November 7, 2017 @ 10:30 PM Eastern at

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