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Ghosts of Maryland
Deadly Heirs
System of the Dead
Ghosts & Legends of Oklahoma


New Book: Ghostorian Case Files!

Ghostorian Case Files: Volume 1

The new Mike Ricksecker book from Haunted Road Media!

Crack open the case files of a Ghostorian and venture into the depths of mysterious historic paranormal investigations! 

• "The Inscription Of Evil Times" - An ancient stone tablet with a mysterious inscription and paranormal secrets is unearthed in mid-1800s America. 
• "Mysteries Of The Church Of Darkness" - Mysterious crawling shadows, graves of unknown cowboys and the plight of a young murdered girl are unearthed at a rural church. 
• "Horrors From An Empty Chair" - Long after she died in a lunatic asylum, a letter written by a young woman surfaces revealing a secret birth and family atrocities. 

Plus more, including "The Dream Journal" and a new addition to the chronicled Chase Michael DeBarlo mystery for "Friends of the Fedora"! Unlock hidden secrets through exhibits of collected supernatural evidence and carefully researched data, connecting dots that have been centuries in the making.

Available at:


Kindle version also available!

Autographed Copy from MikeRicksecker.com:


Officially Moved to MikeRicksecker.com!

It's been a long time coming, but I'm FINALLY officially moving the site to MikeRicksecker.com. For years www.mikericksecker.com forwarded to my old rrdevelopments.com web site under the "mike" directory. R&R Developments was originally a computer consulting company, teamed with LuMiXtech at one point, and then later morphed into a game development company that never really got off the ground. The R&R Developments web site has long since been gone and simply forwarded to "mike" in recent years.

The real confusion came in directing people to mikericksecker.com and the forward taking them to some place on rrdevelopments.com that they would then copy and paste elsewhere as my web site or sometimes they became wary of my website being legitimate because of the forward. I thought about parking mikericksecker.com on top of rrdevelopments.com, but since the web site was housed inside the "mike" directory this still wouldn't work cleanly. So... long story short (too late), I have finally moved this site to another server to alleviate all the confusion. Visitors to the new site won't notice much of a difference -- the look and feel is staying the same at this point, although it will reset all the statistics in my blog to zero.

Unfortunately, this also means the official end of R&R Developments and rrdevelopments.com, which is a sad day indeed since I have held that account for more than 15 years. There are a number of little personal sites in the backend that I only shared with a select few that I will miss and I will lose on a hosted venue during this move, only finding residence in an archive on my home computer somewhere.

The rrdevelopments.com site will remain active for a couple more months while I get things in order -- forwarding email addresses as need be and getting links fixed across the internet as I can that will direct people to mikericksecker.com rather than the confusing rrdevelopments.com/mike. In the meantime, I ask that everyone start using MikeRicksecker.com as that is where new conent will be posted.

Goodbye, old friend.


Campfire Tales: Midwest Released!

Campfire Tales: Midwest


Experience 10 heart-pounding tales of the Midwest based on real history, lore, and legends from around the region perfect for telling around the campfire!

Discover what it feels like to be a ghost or to bring one home. Explore what may be lurking at the bottom of a lake at a favorite vacation spot. Solve the mystery and unlock the secrets of a strange journal brought forth by an old doctor who may or may not be a part of this world. Unearth one of the seven gateways to hell and venture into the fiery depths below.

Determine for yourself what is real and what is fiction, as these and other haunting tales paint a landscape rife with creepy paranormal activity!

Available at:



Deadly Heirs 10th Anniversary Edition!

Deadly Heirs

10th Anniversary Edition

The definitive vision of the first Chase Michael DeBarlo mystery novel!

Extended scenes! Foreword from the author! Tons of extras added in an appendix, including DeBarlo short stories published for the first time EVER! Read Chase Michael DeBarlo like you never have before!

Saying Earl Kiddering is rich is like saying Babe Ruth hit a couple of homeruns, but saying he's dead is more accurate. A month after the billionaire drowns in his own swimming pool, Earl's great-niece, Genelle Starr, hires private investigator, Chase Michael DeBarlo, to find Kiddering's missing will while other family members squabble over the fortune.

Dark family secrets are uncovered during Chase's investigation, including adultery and tax evasion -- and Earl's death continues to look less and less like an accident. Earl's wife, Josephine, introduces Chase to her late husband's collection of ancient Chinese terra cotta vases which she believes holds the key to finding Earl's will. This pits him against a Chinese underworld lord named Chan, a nearly invisible foe that is trying to mold the vase market to his liking, even if it means murder.

Deadly Heirs delves into the loyalties (and disloyalties) of family bonds, exposes a private investigator's time management crisis that could endanger human life if not handled correctly, and uncovers the corruption of a mysterious art market.

Available at:


Kindle version also available!

Watch the Deadly Heirs 10th Anniversary Edition book trailer!


New: Encounters With The Paranormal!

Encounters With The Paranormal

The new anthology from Haunted Road Media!

Almost everyone has a ghost story.

Real people. Real stories.

Read about haunted houses and vehicles, experiences during paranormal investigations, visits from relatives that have passed on, pets reacting to the paranormal, psychic experiences, and conversations with full-bodied apparitions.

ENCOUNTERS WITH THE PARANORMAL reveals personal stories of the supernatural, exploring the realm beyond the veil through the eyes of a colorful cast of contributors.

Available at:


Kindle version also available!

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