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Ghosts of Maryland
Deadly Heirs
System of the Dead
Ghosts & Legends of Oklahoma

Life's Gift Author Article

At the end of last year I was asked  to be a Life's Gift Friendship Author at LifesGift.com. LifesGift is a foundation that assists and supports Paranormal Communication Consultant Rick Hayes and his ability to aid people during their times of adversity. I'm slated to write two srticles this year and the first was just published to the LifesGift website.

"Development of a Paranormal Investigator" highlights my path from odd experiences as a young child, my spiritual upbringing, to my current involvement with ghost hunting. Visit LifesGift.com to read the article.


Appearance on The Haunted!

Members of Society of the Haunted, including myself, will be appearing on the newest episode of Animal Planet's The Haunted on April 1! This day will kick off the The Haunted's second season will a full day marathon, culminating in our season premiere episode at 10:00 PM EDT/9:00 PM CDT. Animal Planet has titled it "A Monster in the Closet" and described it as follows:

"After having unusual experiences in their home, a family calls upon a paranormal team and demonologist to help. When they try to banish the entity from the home, it violently possesses one of the family members, and literally enters her body."

If you're unable to catch it at that time, there is a repeat viewing that night at 12:00 AM EDT/11:00 PM CDT, April 2 at 6:00 AM EDT/5:00 AM CDT, and April 5 in conjunction with the other episode featuring Society of the Haunted members "Leave Now or Die" beginning at 10:00 PM EDT/9:00 PM CDT. Be sure to tune in!


Specters of the Civil War Video Released

The second episode of the video series Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma, "Specters of the Civil War," has been released. This episode takes you inside the spirits of Honey Springs Battlefield, Fort Gibson, and Fort Washita. It includes interviews with experts in paranormal Oklahoma, an EVP session in the barrack ruins, and a segment on paranormal wines. Enjoy!



Upcoming 2011 Events

I have two events already slated for this year with more on the way. The first is ParaCon 2011, which is at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO is March. I make wine for a hobby, so I'll definitely enjoy this one. The second is the Circle of Light Paranormal Expo where I'll be speaking as well as having a table with my books available. This is the first paranormal event of this magnitude in Maryland in 20 years, and it's expected to be big. Click on the title of each to go to the respective websites for more information.

ParaCon 2011
Friday, March 11 at 4:00pm - March 12 at 8:00pm
Belvoir Winery
1325 Odd Fellows Road
Liberty, MO

Circle of Light Paranormal Expo
Saturday, June 4 at 10:00am - June 5 at 10:00pm
Maryland State Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall
2200 York Road
Timonium, MD

New Video Released!

In anticipation of my forthcoming book this year about ghosts and legends of Oklahoma, I have officially launched the start of a new video series... aptly named "Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma." This first episode is a bit of a preview of the show, including interviews with  paranormal experts in Oklahoma, and I'll start covering a specific location in the second episode. Enjoy!



Ghosts of Maryland Collectible Cards

The Ghosts of Maryland Collectible Pictures Cards have just been released! This special collection of cards includes color copies of the photographs used in the book Ghosts of Maryland as well as never-before-seen additional photos. Each picture card is sequentially numbered and has a snippet of the location's ghost story printed on the back. Some packs contain randomly inserted autographed cards and other rare cards. Each pack contains 7 beautiful picture cards and are on sale for $2.99.

Also, one picture card will now be included in the purchase of each autographed copy of Ghosts of Maryland bought from mikericksecker.com.

Order a pack today!


Base Set Checklist:

1. Ghosts of Maryland
2. Antietam Battlefield #1
3. Antietam Battlefield #2
4. Barbara Fritchie House #1
5. Barbara Fritchie ouse #2
6. Bloomingdale Mansion
7. Bowen's Inn
8. Cannonball House
9. Carmen's Gallery
10. Club Charles and Zodiac Restaurant
11. Cockey's Tavern
12. Fort McHenry #1
13. Fort McHenry #2
14. Frederick County Historical Society #1
15. Frederick County Historical Society #2
16. Hayden House #1
17. Hayden House #2
18. Jug Monument
19. Kemp House
20. Kent Manor Inn #1
21. Kent Manor Inn #2
22. Legh Master's Grave
23. Leonardtown
24. Lilburn Castle #1
25. Lilburn Castle #2
26. Lilburn Castle #3
27. loews Annapolis Hotel
28. Madison Avenue Grounds
29. Maryland State House #1
30. Maryland State House #2
31. Montpelier Mansion #1
32. Montpelier Mansion #2
33. Montpelier Mansion #3
34. Montpelier Mansion #4
35. Mt. Airy Mansion #1
36. Mt. Airy Mansion #2
37. Mount Ida
38. Mount St. Mary's University #1
39. Mount St. Mary's University #2
40. Samuel Mudd House #1
41. Samuel Mudd House #2
42. Samuel Mudd House #3
43. Samuel Mudd House #4
44. National Civil War Medicine Museum
45. Oaklands #1
46. Oaklands #2
47. Odd Fellows Hall
48. Patapsco Female Institute #1
49. Patapsco Female Institute #2
50. Edgar Allan Poe
51. Point Lookout
52. Point Lookout Lighthouse #1
53. Point Lookout Lighthouse #2
54. Smithsburg
55. Solomon's Island
56. Surratt House #1
57. Surratt House #2
58. Weinberg Center
59. Westminster Hall Burial Grounds
60. U.S.S. Constitution

Shadows of the Past Checklist:

SP1. George Washington: Mt. Airy Mansion
SP2. Charles Calvert: Mt. Airy Mansion
SP3. George Washington: Montpelier Mansion
SP4. Francis Scott Key: Fort McHenry
SP5. Robert E. Lee: Antietam Battlefield
SP6. Ulysses S. Grant: Cockey's Tavern
SP7. Barbara Fritchie: Barbara Fritchie House
SP8. Abraham Lincoln: Surratt House
SP9. John Wilkes Booth: Samuel Mudd House
SP10. Edgar Allan Poe: Westminster Burial Grounds


P1. The Ghost Hunter
P2. Steps
P3. The Writer
P4. Illusion

Portraits Autographs:

P1A. The Ghost Hunter
P2A. Steps
P3A. The Writer
P4A. Illusion

Ghosts of Maryland Autographs:

1A. Ghost of Maryland


New Merchandise and Books Available!

New items that were featured during the book tour were a collection of autographed prints, and they are now available for purchase. These include 5x7 images of two of my previously released photographs, a brand new ghost hunting photograph, and an 8x10 print of the core OKPRI team. Each print is sequentially numbered.

Buy prints here!

I've also made available autographed copies of Ghosts of Maryland for no additional cost! For the exact same retail price you can now purchase an autographed copy of the book straight from the web site!

Order an autographed copy here!

Coming soon will be a picture card series featuring locations I visited while writing "Ghosts of Maryland."  Keep checking the site for availability!