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Please Sign the Petition for Lynette's Law

Please watch the acompanying emotionally moving video with this petition and sign it. It's shocking that therapist abuse is real and in many states (this one Maryland) there is no background check conducted for therapists. In this particular case, the therapist was already a convicted felon, then took advantage of his patient. 

Please read:

"I am a victim of therapist abuse. My former therapist was able to obtain two licenses and still currently has his licenses and he is a convicted felon!! He spent 4 years in prison in P.A. If therapists were required to pass a back ground check, he would have never been able to become a therapist and hurt me. Even people applying for employment at Wal-Mart have to pass a background check. Why aren't therapists, some who work with children, not required to pass one? If you check the disciplinary matters page for the Maryland Board of Professional Therapist and Counselors website, you will see that month after month, year after year therapists are being temporaily suspended for sexually abusing their clients. Please stop this!!"

Read more and sign...


This Week: Interview and Speaking Event

This April has shaped up to become my busiest month since October when I toured out east, including the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, and signed at a number of different local Halloween events. I'll be speaking, signing, and/or being interviewed  at a number of different venues, in multiple states, and over multiple mediums. The kickoff of this event is this Wednesday when I will appear on Leitreanna Brown's television show "Family Spirit" on BTVN. In addition to talking about my books and a wild experience at the 101 Ranch, Lei will be giving away blessed Native American jewelry!

"Family Spirit" with Leitreanna Brown on BTVN television
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT

This coming weekend I'll be with Society of the Haunted at the "History, Haunts and Legends" event in Jefferson, Texas as we'll be presenting to our colleagues about te haunts we've uncovered in Oklahoma.

Details of "History, Haunts and Legends":

On Saturday April 14, 2012  the Historic Jefferson Ghost walk will host the Annual Spring History Haunts and Legends Event in downtown Historic Jefferson, Texas.  A fun event for the History Buff, Avid Ghost Hunter, and people with an interest for the unexplained and things that go bump in the night.  The daytime activities will be held at the Visitors Center at 305 E Austin Street from 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.  The night time tours and events will start at 8 P.M. with the Ghost Walk Tour. Cost is $75 per person, or for the daytime only $35 and night time only $40.  For information call 903-665-6289.   brochure can be seen for the  website at www.jeffersonghostwalk.com


Signed with Haunted Entertainment

This week I've signed with Haunted Entertainment a talent and event management agency with a primary focus on the paranormal. They have many events coming up this year including Frontier Paracon 2012 at the Stanley Hotel. This means I'll be appearing in at more events across the country, so keep checking back for updates!

Click here to visit my listing at Haunted Entertainment's web site.


Radio Show Reschedule for April 11

The "Family Spirit" interview I was to have with Lei Brown tonight has been rescheduled for April 11 at 8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT. She'll be hosting the Booth brothers tonight while I'll be appearing with Richard Parnell of GTN and Jeff Leeper, the TAPS Family Co-Manager.


GTN Premiere Record Breaker!

MikeRicksecker-GhostsLegendsThe video series of Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma permiered on Ghost Tales Television Network last night and broke the network's premiere record with over 20,100 views! Titled more simply as "Ghosts and Legends" the show will be airing every Tuesday on GTN. The Ghost Tales Television Network is headed up by Richard Parnell and is designed to give the paranormal TV and film making community the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Check out the announcement of the record on their news page: GTN News


Family Spirit Radio Interview

When: March 14, 2012

I'll be on Family Spirit, hosted by Leitrianna Brown, with my daughter, Arielle, on March 14. This is a first interview for Arielle, an investigator-in-training with Society of the Haunted, and I'm excited that she'll be joining me.


Recent radio interview podcasts:

"Spirits Among Us" by Jody Kym on ParaMania Radio

"Spirited History" along with Chris Borthick from Society of the Haunted by LeeAnne Ball and Angela Ghataor on Sky Radio


Presenting @ Forensic Ghost Excavation Congress – Convention

June 22 - 24 I'll be presenting and giving a workshop about the relationship of history and the paranormal at the Forensic Ghost Excavation Congress – Convention.

Hosted by the Center for the Archaeological Studies of Presence through Ethnographic Research (CASPER), this convention is a multi-layered/multi-sensory approach to haunting phenomena at historical locations. This trans-disciplinary approach integrates:

Archaeology - investigate by layers of occupation and socio-cultural uncertainty;
Anthropology – an ethnographic radical-participatory, rather than physical, science focus;
Theatre – role, identity, scenery, script, and audience as essential elements of fieldwork;
History – local and regional; and
Multi-Species – ecologically-oriented landscape presence that includes the presence of flora, fauna, human, and “spirit” presence.

More information as it becomes available...