Higher Degree of Investigating

If you’ve been paying attention to the Haunted Road Media YouTube channel, you’re aware that we’ve added a new type of format to our growing collection of 350+ paranormal videos. We’re now offering videos in 360 DEGREE VIRTUAL REALITY (VR), for use on any device that supports the technology (most modern cell phones and computer web browsers)! It’s our way of trying to allow our viewers to fully view the environment in which we’re investigating, providing a much more immersive experience. Now, when we hear a noise from across the room viewers can pan the camera around on their own to see what may have made the noise.

By no means will this eliminate the traditional format videos we’ve been uploading for years. 360 degree VR videos aren’t exactly ideal for highlighting a specific moment of an investigation, like multiple listens of an EVP, so we will continue to offer the same great content that we have been on Haunted Road Media. What the 360 degree videos will do is offer another type of look at a haunted location and offer the viewers the chance to literally put themselves in our shoes to fully see what we see — and even what we can’t. We’ll be able to give virtual tours that allow viewers to explore on their own, enter a room and “spin around” to see what it really looks like rather than be relegated to one specific camera angle. It makes the whole experience much more expansive!

There’s going to be bit of a learning curve since we just started using this technology, but we’re really excited about what it can do for us as investigators and what it can offer viewers for a more comprehensive investigative experience. It’s already caught for us evidence that we wouldn’t normally have captured simply because of its angle of view.

So come explore with us in 360 VR!

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