Haunted Road Media Taking Off!

It’s been a while since I posted a blog, but with good reason. Haunted Road Media has been extremely active with three new books to start off the year and the plethora of videos that have been produced. It’s been my pleasure to work with the writing and/or artistic talents of Amelia Cotter, Adam D. Tillery, Cathy E. Gasch, Vanessa Hogle, and all of those that contributed to the anthology last fall. There is more on the way from the Haunted Road Media family, some works from new writers, and even I, of course, am working on a few writing projects.

I was pleasantly surprised to have Dave Spinks involved in the most recent Ghost and Legends episode, which was a spur of the moment investigation with Inspired Ghost Tracking down at the Old Salt Sulphur Spring Resort in West Virginia. It was a great investigation with some interesting activity that was captured, and Haunted Road Media produced a total of three videos out of that, including new Paranormal Vines and Paranormal Roads episodes.

It’s also been my pleasure to interview some of those from the Independent Film industry, including Kyle Mecca who wrote and directed the upcoming paranormal thriller, Dwelling, and actress Erin Marie Hogan who has performed in a number of films, but who interviewed with me about Dwelling and House of Manson, a highly acclaimed Charles Manson biopic. Haunted Road Media supports independent films and we’re lining up more interviews for later this year!

The creative arts is a challenging industry to break into, whether that be writing, film, music, photography, art, or some combination of them all. Haunted Road Media believes — I believe — in empowering people to have their voice and their vision experienced. There are many people out there still looking for that platform from which to be heard and if Haunted Road Media can help then I intend to help.

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