Haunted Road Media Summer Recap

Welcome to autumn, what I like to call the haunting season, although any season, any day can be one for hauntings. Fall, however, offers a mystique that the other seasons do not. Perhaps it’s the briskness in the air, the changing colors of the trees, the aroma of the first fires that are lit, the sweet, delectable taste of pumpkin pie, or the recounting of ghost stories around the campfire as Halloween approaches. Whatever that combination may be, it is truly magical.

With that ahead of us, let’s recap the season that just concluded: summer. It’s been a busy few months for me and for Haunted Road Media, with a plethora of trips, excursions, and paranormal investigations. Shana has been along with me for much of the ride, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner… and partner in crime.

So let’s recap where the summer has taken us — this is not all-inclusive, just a few highlights — and then take a look at where we’re headed this fall.

Kampsville Grade School Raw Footage #1 (June): This was actually the second time I had investigated this mysterious grade school with Shana, but it’s the first “raw footage” video of the series. Phantom footsteps are heard overhead…

Paranormal Roads: The Exchange Hotel (June): A wonderfully preserved historic location in Virginia that has once been used as a Civil War hospital

Paranormal Point of Interest: The Great Valley House (July): A little known historic location in Pennsylvania that contains the only known type of stone sink of its kind in the United States. Walkthrough plus an EVP session with Shana at a crypt embedded in a stone wall near the house.

Friday Night Ghost Frights 14: The Second Life Of John Wilkes Booth Conspiracy Theory (July): A detailed look at the interesting “conspiracy theory” about the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, read from Ghosts And Legends Of Oklahoma.

Abandoned Kampsville Lock Urban Exploration (July): Exploring the woods near the Illinois River for the historic Kampsville Locks.

Making A Murderer Season 2 Sneak Peek (July): Take a look at what to expect in the second season of Making A Murderer, the docu-series covering the Steven Avery case.

Haunted Kampsville Grade School Raw Footage #2 (August): Shana and I conduct a deeper paranormal investigation of the school that possibly reveals an apparition caught near the basement stairs.

Zombies Teach You Grammar! Grammar Police #1 (August): Hilarious video using zombies to teach the difference between there, their, and they’re, plus more!

Ghost Stories from CIL-CON (August): At the Central Illinois Conference, Shana and I collected ghost stories from those who visited the booth.

Haunted Cemeteries of Ashmore (August): During one of our cemetery excursions in Ashmore, Illinois, Shana and I each experience supernatural activity.

Paranormal Roads: Haunted Farrar Schoolhouse (September): Road trip to investigate a haunted school house in Illinois, meeting up with Haunted Road Media author and illustrator Adam Tillery.

Helltown Preview (Mike’s Morning Mug #66) (September): Grabbing some coffee and heading out to “Helltown”, Ohio, in search of its mysterious legends.

Friday Night Ghost Frights #18: Monster In The Closet (September): A look back at this supernaturally intense episode of The Haunted in which I appeared.

Much more coming the autumn, including an investigation that Shana and I conducted at an undisclosed historic home which saw a great deal of paranormal activity surrounding the family dog, the FULL Helltown exploration video, investigating the Ferry Plantation in Virginia, and an all-new funny Grammar Police video. Plus, all your favorite Morning Mug coffee videos and Friday Night Ghost Frights… and you never know what’s in store for Halloween!

Also… thank you for helping us his 2000 subscribers! Drawing for the giveaway will be held on Enigma Underground Radio on September 29!

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