Haunted Bellaire House (Part 1)

The haunted Bellaire House in Bellaire, Ohio.

The haunted Bellaire House in Bellaire, Ohio.

The Bellaire House is innocently nestled into the hills alongside the Ohio River across the water from Wheeling, West Virginia. A beautiful early 20th Century colonial home, it’s outside appearance is pleasant and inviting for a happy family. However, it’s owner, Kristen Lee, will not let the house fall into the hands of another unsuspecting family under her watch because she does not want them to suffer the same terrors as she.

I have now investigated this house three times for paranormal activity, including this past weekend the day after it was featured on Paranormal Lockdown, and I continue to find its history and the history of the town of Bellaire quite compelling. For someone simply looking to experience paranormal activity, this house will not disappoint. The moment I walked in the door this past time with my friend and colleague, “Copperhead” Greg Graham, we felt the heavy energy upon us immediately, heard noises coming up out of the basement, and heard footsteps overhead when no one else was in the house. But there is more to this house than just simply a supernatural thrill.

As with most places I investigate, there is a living story that accompanies it, living both in this life and the afterlife. From the original landowner, to those who worked the mines underneath it, to those who have lived in the house, each have a narrative to tell. Some are told through historic records while some told through other means from the world beyond.

Below you’ll find some pieces of our most recent investigation of this storied home when we sent Facebook Live throughout the night and The Edge of the Rabbit Hole preview that preceded it, but in the coming weeks Haunted Road Media will be releasing a full documentary on the Bellaire House. Stay tuned!


Facebook Live videos:

Investigation Introduction: https://www.facebook.com/mricksecker/videos/10210461174518279/

Master Bedroom investigation: https://www.facebook.com/mricksecker/videos/10210463227689607/

Altar Room Investigation: https://www.facebook.com/mricksecker/videos/10210464145472551/

Attic Investigation: https://www.facebook.com/mricksecker/videos/10210465148737632/


Haunted Road Media production schedule (full-length videos):

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