DeBarlo PC Game Project

Back in 1997, designs were beginning to be put together to make a Chase Michael DeBarlo computer game. I had written short stories about DeBarlo in highschool, had always wanted to design computer games, and was inspired by the Tex Murphy series. Developing this game was a no-brainer. However, my passion for pure writing got in the the way.

I wrote what I called "the DeBarlo novel intro" while game storyboards were assembled and 3D rooms were developed. From this, I found the desire to convert the script I had written into chapters and the novel writing began. Two years into the game project, our two-person crew ceased the development while I worked strictly on the the novel.

Although the technology is outdated, these screen shots are an example of where we were headed. There are still plans to develop a Chase Michael DeBarlo computer game and I look forward to the day we can resume. The design plan is still in tact and has even be revamped since we first began. DeBarlo's game will be the most replayable, non-linear adventure game created to this point.


This is a 3D model of DeBarlo's office from 1998. Click on the picture for a quick pan of the office.