Encounters With The Paranormal

Encounters With The Paranormal

Encounters With The Paranormal

It’s finally here! Haunted Road Media has been live for a couple months now re-releasing my older video blogs and YouTube shows, but it hadn’t been until this past week that the newly founded publisher and video production company released its first print publication, Encounters With the Paranormal: Personal Tales of the Supernatural!

This collection of 19 true ghost tales was a collaborative effort from people of all walks of life, including Amelia Cotter, Rob Gutro, Cathy Gasch, Kathy Chruszcz, Heather Bise, Kyle Mecca, All Willen, Vanessa Hogle, Deb Lerew, Dennis Lewis, Tammy Merritt-Beaghan, Ne’Cole Nohealani Vidro, Nadine Leder, AnnMarie Barrett, Anney Horn, and Ross Lightfoot. I contributed a couple stories as well and provided the foreword, and Adam D. Tillery supplied some fantastic illustrations that were included throughout the book. A whole-hearted thanks to everyone that was involved!

Here’s the blurb: “Almost everyone has a ghost story. Real people. Real stories. Read about haunted houses and vehicles, experiences during paranormal investigations, visits from relatives that have passed on, pets reacting to the paranormal, psychic experiences, and conversations with full-bodied apparitions. ENCOUNTERS WITH THE PARANORMAL reveals personal stories of the supernatural, exploring the realm beyond the veil through the eyes of a colorful cast of contributors.”

It’s true. Almost everyone does have a ghost story, including those that don’t necessarily believe in ghosts. (I explain this in the foreword.) It was fantastic to work with so man people that had all kind of interesting tales to tell and get this work pushed out there in such a short period of time.

In the midst of all the flurry to produce this book before Halloween, my grandmother passed away. She lived a nice, long life and she went peacefully, but the moment also offered quite a bit of perspective. There are greater things in life than just writing and my dreams. My family has been a huge part of that since the moment I was born even though I’ve been away from the significant group of them in Ohio for a long time and my children continue to reside out in Oklahoma. They all mean the world to me.

More specifically, with my grandmother, she was a kind and caring woman, always rubbing my belly and telling me she needed to fatten me up when I was a beanpole adolescent. There are too many fond memories to convey here, but in relation to Encounters With The Paranormal I will offer this: it was at the house she shared with my grandfather in which I really got my start in telling ghost stories. While I had already be writing small mystery books as a kid, it was at her house in which I created a ghostly legend from the memory of Shawnee prophet Tenskwatawa in order to scare my sister, cousin, and the neighbor boy. In the end, we all tried scaring each other with so many of my aunts and uncles, and even my grandmother, getting in on the fun. More on this when Campfire Tales: Midwest comes out.

Encounters With The Paranormal is a wonderful start to a new venture with Haunted Road Media. It has a lot to offer with a variety real down-to-earth experiences from people from all over — shadow people, apparitions, and even the original account of the Haunted Harold Doll that was featured on Ghost Adventures. Some are experienced writers, some are not, but they’re all story tellers of the paranormal in their own right.

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