Decadent December!

There has already been a lot going on this year between traveling, investigations, and videos, but even though there is some traveling downtime at the moment it doesn’t mean I’m not stoking the winter fires. There’s a lot going on, so let’s get to it!

If you also follow along at you may have noticed that we started releasing podcasts of our Edge of the Rabbit Hole episodes. Yes, now you have the option of listening to the show after the initial YouTube livestream broadcast! Available now on iTunes, we’ve started with uploading our earlier episodes, and will be doing this a few times each week until we’re caught up. You may have also noticed that the haunted Road Media site states that episodes of Inside The Upside Down will be found here. This is true! Very shortly, you’ll find podcasts of our new Tuesday Night after hours show here on There will also be additional podcasts added to the mix as well — thoughts, research, updates, investigation clips, and more.

Coming soon this month will be an updated Second Edition of Encounters With The Paranormal: Volume 2, the Goldenrod Showboat Edition. While this volume already featured the Goldenrod Showboat, given the recent tragic events we thought we would add a little more content to the book including stories, memories, perspective, and photographs. Of course, part of the proceeds of this book will still go toward the Goldenrod, but now it will be in whatever capacity the Historic Riverboat Association will take to ensure the historic showboat’s legacy lives on. There are many artifacts that still remain from the Goldenrod, and Haunted Road Media will continue to take steps to help ensure these artifacts can be enjoyed by all.

On social media, you may have noticed an uptick in activity, primarily on the Haunted Road Media Facebook page and on the Mike Ricksecker Instagram. On the Facebook HRM page, we’ve started featuring a series on saving endangered historic haunted locations. Even though we were already working with haunted locations to help raise funds, the loss of the Goldenrod Showboat has fueled the fire and we’re making greater strides in spreading awareness and raising funding that these locations desperately need to stave off the wrecking ball. While the goal is to make this an almost daily vlog, we’ve been updating a couple times each week that have included vignettes of the Swift Mansion/Gore Orphanage and the 101 Ranch. As for Instagram (@mikericksecker), I’ve been utilizing the Story feature more often to give a quick glimpse of what’s going on during all that craziness that keeps me busy each day. It’s almost like another version of the “Behind the Scenes” feature we have out on Patreon. Which reminds me… if you haven’t checked out what we’re doing on Patreon, you should!

Finally, only until December 10… you can get the Encounters With The Paranormal at 15% off… meaning you get all three books for a little less that $10 per book! If you’ve always been looking for the collection, now is your time to get it! Check out the deal at:

Stay tuned… because we have a number of other things up our sleeves that are hush-hush until release date!

Oh… and you can now follow me on SnapChat @ mikericksecker

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