System Of The Dead

One moment Matthew Rivers is designing a revolutionary computer operating system, the next he is discovered strung from a tree in his front yard. Authorities believe it was a guilt-ridden suicide due to an exposed affair, however, Rivers’s wife refuses to accept that theory and hires private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo to seek the truth. Chase discovers a web of secrets behind the operating system Rivers had been designing, while others working on the project begin to turn up missing or dead in seemingly unrelated matters. In a turn of events that mixes social networking with code breaking, an unlikely coffee shop girl from Ohio helps tie it all together for Chase.

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“Whether you’re a ghost hound, or just love the thought of the paranormal, Mike Rickseker along with his book, Ghosts Of Maryland, will entice you to devour what it has to offer. The story-line of events, history, and actual documented evidence, becomes a thrill ride through each chapter written.”
Robbie Thomas, Psychic Criminal Profiler, Author/Screenwriter/Producer,