Ghosts And Legends Of Oklahoma

Explore the paranormal history of Oklahoma through its colorful ghost stories and legends, as well as through the eyes of a renowned paranormal team. Have drinks with outlaw ghosts in an old saloon and tip your hat to the lady spirits upstairs in the bordello. Discover why several professional basketball players fear a hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Learn about an alternate ending to the life of Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Follow the atlas and investigate the famous Stone Lion Inn, the 101 Ranch, Overholser Mansion, and other historic haunted locales throughout the state. This spine-tingling cross-section of Oklahoma’s history includes dozens of tales of Native Americans, the Civil War, famous outlaws, Wild West shows, oil boomtowns, railroad legends, deadly tornadoes, and historic Route 66. Haunted Oklahoma awaits you!

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“A combination of history, folklore, and urban legend, Mike Ricksecker’s books delight those wo appreciate a classic ghost story, and keep alive the fact that without the story itself, all ghosts would be is a whisper in the wind.”
–Lee Ehrlich, Ghost Pros, Paranormal Divers, 30 year paranormal veteran

“To date, Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma is the best book on hauntings covering this state. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. As the stories unfold on events you realize the author takes pains to confirm if they really happened unlike other books on the same subject. It is an excellent read right from the beginning!”
–Cathy Nance, Co-founder and Case Manager, Society of the Haunted

“Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma is filled with a rich and tantalizing history you won’t learn in a classroom. The spine tingling ghost stories leave you wanting to know more. Two thumbs up to Mike Ricksecker.”
–Lisa Rogers, author of On Haunted Ground: The Green Ghost and Other Spirits of Cemetery Road

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