Ghostorian Case Files: Volume 1

Crack open the case files of a Ghostorian and venture into the depths of mysterious historic paranormal investigations!

• “The Inscription Of Evil Times” – An ancient stone tablet with a mysterious inscription and paranormal secrets is unearthed in mid-1800s America.
• “Mysteries Of The Church Of Darkness” – Mysterious crawling shadows, graves of unknown cowboys and the plight of a young murdered girl are unearthed at a rural church.
• “Horrors From An Empty Chair” – Long after she died in a lunatic asylum, a letter written by a young woman surfaces revealing a secret birth and family atrocities.

Plus more, including “The Dream Journal” and a new addition to the chronicled Chase Michael DeBarlo mystery for “Friends of the Fedora”! Unlock hidden secrets through exhibits of collected supernatural evidence and carefully researched data, connecting dots that have been centuries in the making.

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