Book Review: Strange Intruders

David Weatherly's Strange Intruders

David Weatherly’s Strange Intruders

David Weatherly’s STRANGE INTRUDERS is both an engaging and informative book that introduces the readers to a wide array of paranormal and supernatural entities. Black eyed children, shadow people, djinn, pukwudgies, and more are examined through detailed descriptions and personal accounts both by the author and witnesses he has interviewed. Weatherly even tackles the Slenderman, its Internet origins, the legends that have sprung forth, and whether or not the collective conscience of many people may have conjured up their own real boogeyman.

David Weatherly’s 40 years of experience in the field shines forth in the depth of information he provides, drawing from experts in their respective fields, and researching historic encounters across the world.

If you’re new to the field of the supernatural wanting to know what may be out there or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking for additional information and personal accounts there is much to discover with STRANGE INTRUDERS, and it should be a book to add to your collection.

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