Bleeding Painting and Rising Bones

The cracked grave of Legh Master.

My first book focusing on the paranormal was Ghosts of Maryland, covering a state in which I’d lived for 17 years split up between two different stints, and it contains over 100 ghost stories. Not surprisingly given all its history, Maryland is an extremely haunted state!

There are a number of tales that I often speak about, including my experiences at the Samuel Mudd House, my discoveries of Ariana Calvert at Mt. Airy Plantation, and my prophetic dream of Montpelier Mansion, but I also found the town of Westminster to have a number of very interesting haunted tales. Westminster is a quaint, historic town, sleepy in some senses, but its ghost stories are anything but sleepy. In the most recent Friday Night Ghost Frights I tell two of these tales — the legend of Legh Master and his cruelty that still surfaces today, and the strange tales of Cockey’s Tavern.

The bleeding painting of Ulysses S. Grant.

Legh Master was a cruel, rich widower who had moved to Maryland from England after his wife passed away. He murdered slaves in his great iron works furnaces and its said that in death, his bones are still trying to rise from their grave. At Cockey’s Tavern, many hauntings have occured, including disembodied footsteps and candles relighting themselves, but it seems to be the wall hangings that are the most haunted. Not only are they found to move on their own, but the one of Ulysses S. Grant (some say it’s just a bearded man and not the former President) appears to bleed on its own.

To learn about these tales, watch Friday Night Ghost Frights below!

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