Ancient and Historic Supernatural Secrets

What is lost knowledge? Presumably, that is knowledge that our ancient ancestors once possessed that we have been unable to retain over the years. One could even say that some lost knowledge is that of truth that was purposely hidden and a false truth portrayed to the masses. And then there is that mystical type of lost knowledge that surrounds spirituality, the supernatural, and the paranormal. All of these roads are overgrown and pitted with potholes, but that is where I’m traveling.

I’ve recently announced over social media that I’m producing a new YouTube show through Haunted Road Media titled “Ancient and Historic Supernatural Secrets”. I even held a poll to try and name the show, which turned out to be so even matched that I decided to use both “ancient” and “historic” terms in the title. View the trailer below:

The aim of this show is to interactively research and uncover supernatural secrets and lost knowledge from throughout the ages, covering a wide range of locations and topics, all supernatural, paranormal, and historic in nature. As I dive into archives, old texts, and artifacts I will be presenting my findings through the show on YouTube and will encourage the audience to interact and participate along the way, if one so desires. Together, I hope to uncover answers to questions we’ve all had for centuries, although I do expect to create more questions as I go along as well.

Along with the trailer, I’ve also released a preview video in which i discuss the direction I’m taking this show and the type of topics I’m going to cover:

This show will not supersede the other shows I produce on YouTube such as “Ghosts and Legends”, “Paranormal Roads”, and “Paranormal Vines”. Those have specific themes and formats that I wish to keep — paranormal documentary, road trip video, and paranormal-themed wine, respectively. Ancient and Historic Supernatural Secrets is an entirely different ball of wax, a new adventure that complements my currents ones rather well, and dives into the origins upon which all of the rest springs forth.

There was also a separate announcement I had made of a show that I will be filming with Robbie Thomas. I can’t say much about that yet other than it has been picked up by a production company and I’ll have more information about it once the project gets rolling.

Stay tuned! I will update this space more often as all of these projects begin to take off.

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